The Discovery Apple Tree Is Unique In The Apple World

When people think of England, they first think of dialects, football, London, and the royal family. However, another thing you should think about the next time you think of England is the Discovery Apple tree. The Discovery apples are unique in the apple world for several reasons that we’ll dive into shortly. However, suffice it to say that the research was fruitful!

It’s probably not an apple most people are familiar with on this side of the pond. So, keep reading to find out why you might want to try Discovery Apple!

Discovery Apple history

Discovery apples were first invented in Essex, England in 1949 by a man we know only as Mr. Drummer. He was a laborer on a fruit farm in Essex when he made this discovery.

it was first named Thurston August but was later changed to Discovery in 1962. The discovery is the product of a cross between Worcester Pearmain and another completely unknown cultivar. However, there are some who describe the other parent as a Bath beauty.

In any case, Discovery is one of the most famous varieties of apple that came out of England. One of the main reasons for this is that it produces some of the oldest season apples in the world.

Unlike most apple varieties that cannot be harvested from mid to late fall, Discovery apples are harvested in August and September. This also makes American supermarkets very attractive. In addition, Discovery was awarded the Gardens Merit Award in 1993 by the Royal Horticultural Society.

Discovery Apple Features

In addition to being award winning apples that are harvested early, Discovery has one of the most beautiful colors of any apple variety. While the flesh inside Discovery is juicy, crisp white, and delightfully firm, the skin is bright red with subtle hints of red streaks all over. The real downside to Discovery apples is that they don’t last long. Once picked, they stay fresh for a week or so before becoming mushy.

Discovery apples are small – medium in size, with small yellow spots in addition to their blood red color. Sometimes the bloody red skin can seep into the flesh and turn pink at the outer edges. The spot is often considered an excellent apple for home growers because it is relatively disease-resistant and low-maintenance.

Flavor Profile

Discovery apples have a sweet if not slightly acidic taste. However, most importantly, they have a distinct strawberry flavor that is unique to them. In general, the discovery does not overwhelm the taste buds but is very subtle.

Discover Apple pairing

Discovery is a wonderful dessert apple that won’t overwhelm the senses and is even better when eaten fresh from the tree. They are also an excellent source of apple juice, apple juice, and apple juice. The best time to eat Discovery is right after you pick it up from the tree because it doesn’t last long.

Cooking with these apples

Because Discovery doesn’t have much flavor, it’s not commonly used in cooking or baking. Apple juice, sauces, and juices, and eating them raw are the best ways to enjoy the discovery.

Health benefits of apple

Apples are full of incredible health benefits. Discover apples are rich in polyphenols, resveratrol, and other healthy compounds to help control cholesterol, blood sugar, and fiber levels.

How to grow your own discovery apple

If you want to add Discovery apples to your home garden, there are a few important things to be aware of. They are grown in the same way as most apple varieties.


When your apple tree is mature, it will be about 12 to 15 feet tall and evenly wide. The fruit itself is larger than other apples.


The best way to space your trees is to plant them 12 to 15 feet apart, equal to the full size of the tree. This way, they will be tight together but still have room to expand when their growth is complete.


Discovery apples, like most apples, do not self-pollinate. They usually need cross-pollination with another variety to thrive. Here are some great options for crossing with Discovery.

Lord Derby Apple

Christmas apple

delicious gold


Howgate Vander App

When to plant

If you live in a cold climate and cold winters, you should plant apple trees in the spring. If you live in a warm climate where temperatures often don’t dip below freezing, you should plant it in the fall. Don’t be surprised if your newly planted tree takes several years to produce any fruit.

When is the harvest?

The find is unique at harvest time as the apples can be picked in mid-August or early September. However, the tree will continue to produce the ripe fruits of the pick until late October or when the first frost occurs.


As with all apple trees, there are many pests that will try to steal the fruit from you, which you should look out for.

The disease

In terms of overall resistance, Discovery is one of the toughest apples available. It’s an ideal growing choice if you’re concerned about mildew or scab, but it’s somewhat susceptible to aphids.


Seriously pruning your apple tree is essential to its successful growth. This is especially important for Discovery apple trees, which are most productive when pruned religiously.

If you’re in the market for award-winning fun and entertainment, look no further than Discovery Apple. The Discovery may be an England production, but its character and sophistication are as American as they are. Take the lead and test the Discovery apple today!

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