The Baldwin Apple Fruit Has a Very Long Shelf Time

Wouldn’t it be nice for apples to be immortal, so we had enough time to use these fruits before they spoiled? Well, the Baldwin apple isn’t exactly immortal, but it has a very long shelf life. It also retains its shape when baking rather than gnawing in a globe, so if you want to make baked apple pies, you should really consider Baldwin apples.

There are a few varieties of apples that store well during the winter and this is one of them. you can grow it at home.

History of Baldwin Apple

This variety of apple trees originated in New England and can be traced back to a farmer by the name of Mr. Potters. Apples were called “woodpecker apples” because many woodpeckers preferred these apple trees over other trees. It may have been renamed Baldwin’s apple during the Revolutionary War.

Legend has it that a man named Colonel Baldwin was resting with his troops near Mr. Butter’s property, and the Colonel asked if he and his men could eat some apples. Mr. Butters followed him, and Colonel Baldwin liked the taste of the apple so much that he returned to the farm after the war to fetch some scraps of trees. He wanted to have the opportunity to grow such delicious apples on his property for himself and his family.

Baldwin apple properties

The creamy pulp of the apple is covered with a bright red peel that turns green in places and is dotted with five-pointed spots. Its fruits are crunchy and wonderful with a sweet tart taste. This “winter apple” is especially loved for its long shelf life – 3-4 months if stored in the refrigerator.

Baldwin eats apples

This apple is sweet, but it also has acidity. For this reason, if you are sensitive to sharp sweetness, you can enjoy these apples even more if they are baked in a pie or other pastry.

Apples pair well with caramel, cherries, cranberries, pumpkin, and walnuts because they have complementary flavor profiles. That’s why you often see these ingredients grouped together in recipes, especially in the fall.

These apples hold their shape well when cooked, so they work like Granny Smiths and can be used in recipes that require apples to keep their shape. Because they are more tart, they are best suited for recipes that contain some added sugar.

As for snacks, try dipping them in soft caramel or peanut butter for a slightly buttery sweetness to kick out that tangy sweetness. For kids, cut a Baldwin apple into sections so they can dip it in caramel or peanut butter. To give them a more interactive and exciting snack, give them some mashed nuts, powdered M&Ms, or sprinkles so they can dip the apples in the caramel or peanut butter.

Health benefits of Apple Baldwin

Baldwin apples are a great source of fiber for promoting digestive health. They are also rich in vitamin C, which supports the immune system, and contain some potassium that helps your body balance fluid levels. Apples, in general, contain about 52 calories on average, and it’s safe to guess that a Baldwin apple probably has a little less than that due to its lower sugar content.

Growing Baldwin apples at home

It is possible to grow Baldwin apples indoors, but it is not the easiest to grow Baldwin apples indoors when it comes to pollination requirements. Fortunately, they make up for this deficiency by thriving in zones 3 through 9—great for northerners who sometimes struggle to find plants that can tolerate cold winters.


Baldwin apples are a triploid type of apple, which means they need pollen from two other types of apple trees to produce apples. They are very hardy and will not pollinate any trees. So, you will need at least three apple trees, all of the different varieties, to grow Baldwin apples.

Size and spacing

These apple trees reach a mature height of twelve to sixteen feet. Their branch spread is about six to eight feet, so it’s best to plant them about 16 feet apart to allow enough room for growth without crowding mature branches in the future.

pests and diseases

Aphids, red moths, apple worms, and bark beetles are all annoying creatures that love to eat our apple trees and enjoy our apples before we do.

Baldwin apple trees can infect several diseases, including fire blight, apple rust, black rot, and bitter rot.


Light pruning each year during the young tree’s life will help the tree maintain good shape in the future and prevent the need for extensive corrective pruning later. Since extensive pruning causes large wounds in the tree for pests and diseases to enter, it is ideal to avoid this with regular light pruning.

When are Baldwin apples harvested?

The Baldwin apple tree produces well every year. In the off year, the yield is very low. It’s last season apples ready to be picked from October to November.

If you’re looking for the perfect apple for apple pie or a whole baked apple, you’ve found a great option at Baldwin apples. And their long shelf life (up to 4 months in the fridge!) makes them a safe investment for moody bakers who may occasionally lose fruit in old age if cooking inspiration isn’t timely. With Baldwin apples, you can take your time and start cooking with them whenever it suits your taste. Baldwin apple will be waiting for you.

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