Sour apple fruit 6 pack available for generations

The sour apple can be consumed raw, cooked, or in juice. The fruit is available in form of 6-pack rolls handcrafted by a member of the Chalhoub family for three generations. They are made from real cane sugar but contain no artificial sweeteners. The rolls are handcrafted daily from real dried fruit.

It is perhaps not surprising that apples are one of the most popular fruits in the world. It is usually harvested in early fall in the United States. They are a sweet and crunchy source of fiber and antioxidants, including quercetin, catechin, phloridzin, and chlorogenic acid.

In fact, studies have shown that the health benefits of eating apples range from reducing the risk of certain types of cancer to reducing the risk of heart disease, asthma, and diabetes. The antioxidants in apples may be particularly helpful in slowing the growth of cancer cells and lowering cholesterol levels.

And don’t worry if you’re concerned about the sugar content of apples. While a medium apple (with the nutrient-rich peel!) contains approximately 21 grams of sugar, it also contains about 5 grams of fiber, which slows down your body’s digestion of the dessert.

This means you won’t have a sugar high and then gorge yourself on foods that have added sugars and very little fiber (like white bread).

In addition, apples are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. For example, a medium apple contains 214 mg of potassium and about 9 mg of vitamin C.

There are also many healthy and natural ways to eat apples that don’t always involve eating them. After you’ve made all the apple pie your family can handle and have plenty of fruit left over, check out the six home remedies below from Heather Zwicky, Ph.D., professor of immunology at the US National University of Natural Medicine. Portland, OR.

Tip: Try using organic apples for these recipes, as regular apples often top the Environmental Working Group’s Dirty Dozen list of foods with the most pesticides.

Apple essential oil

Use this essential oil in a diffuser for a relaxing scent or add it to your home care products. Wash a medium-sized apple, cut it into slices, and peel.

Cut the fillets into thin strips using a grater, mandoline, or slicing disc in a food processor. Toss the slices with 1 cup of organic olive or almond oil on top of a steamer. Add a few inches of water to the bottom of the steamer and cook for 30 minutes, then drain the apples and store the oil in a lidded glass jar in a cool, dark place. This takes 3 to 6 months.

Moisturizing soap

This fragrant soap is soft and gentle. Mix together 1/3 cup coconut oil, 1/3 cup beeswax granules, and 1/3 cup shea butter. Microwave in 20-30 second intervals for a total of 1 minute. Mix 15 drops of apple essential oil (recipe above), pour into soap molds, and refrigerate for 30 minutes. This recipe can be doubled or tripled, and the soap makes a great gift.

Antioxidant juice

To prepare this energizing beverage, first wash and thinly slice a medium-sweet organic apple, such as a Gala, Fuji, or Honeycrisp. (If you eat the skin, you’ll get an additional serving of fiber and vitamins.)

Blend together one medium banana (approximately six inches long), A cup of ice, one-half cup of cranberries, and either pomegranate or cranberry juice. Lastly, add one teaspoon of green tea powder. Enjoy once it has been blended till it is smooth.

Shampoo that is nourishing

You should give this hydrating shampoo that smells like fresh apples a try. Place one cup of ordinary (not canned) coconut milk in a container made of glass and use that bottle as a dispenser.

A quarter of a cup of liquid castile soap, one tablespoon of vegetable glycerine for hydration and gloss, and twenty to thirty drops of apple essential oil should be added. To ensure that all of the components are thoroughly combined, shake the bottle. Before each use, shake the bottle thoroughly and apply one or two pumps of shampoo. This takes approximately a month of time.

Relaxing treatments for the hair and scalp

Utilizing an after-shampoo lotion can help reduce the redness and itching caused by dandruff. A spray bottle should be prepared by adding one cup of water and three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar.

To further strengthen the hair shaft, add four drops of tea tree oil and four drops of apple essential oil, following the instructions given above. After washing your hair, give your scalp a massage, then wait 15 minutes before removing the mixture from your hair and washing it again. Simply rinsing it off with water will do the trick. Use between two and three times each month.

Apple pies are good for your heart.

Desserts with a lot of fiber can be made with these cookies. To get started, get the apple juice ready Apples with their skins on should be washed, cored, and chopped into pieces using eight organic apples of a medium size. Put the mixture in a bowl and add one glass of water.

The apples will be steamed for ten minutes once the heat is turned on, the lid is placed on top, and the pot is brought to a boil. Maintain regular checks, and if required, add more water. After you have added four teaspoons of cinnamon, bring the mixture back up to a boil. When the apples have reached the soft stage, you can chop them with a food processor or an immersion blender.

In order to bake the muffins, bring the oven up to a temperature of 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Combine in a mixing bowl two cups of flour, one teaspoon of cinnamon, one teaspoon of baking soda, one teaspoon of baking soda, and a pinch of salt.

In a separate dish, cream together one cup of melted salted butter that has been chilled, two big eggs, one-half cup of granulated sugar, one-half cup of packed dark brown sugar, and one cup of homemade applesauce. Mix the dry ingredients with the wet ones around 15 times, being sure to leave some lumps.

After buttering and dusting with flour, fill a muffin tray with the batter and place it in the oven. Bake for ten minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit, then reduce the heat to 350 degrees and bake for another ten minutes, or until the food is tender.

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