Sour apple fruit 5k an unexpected trend in the market

According to EastFruit analysts, there is a very unexpected trend in the Indian apple market. Domestic consumers suddenly started buying sour apples. The sour apple came in 5k packages despite the fact that people were long in love with red apple varieties. This confuses importers and suppliers, who have to immediately change their plans for supplying apples.

Indian apples are dark red in color and smooth in texture. They gained popularity during covid 19. The flesh is greenish-white and grainy, sweet, and juicy.

Its portability and aromatic properties made it even more attractive. It contains soluble fiber that helps control cholesterol levels, control your weight, and cleanse your liver. The phytonutrients and antioxidants in apples may help reduce the risk of cancer.

Indian apple is a common name for several plants and may refer to Podophyllum peltatum, a poisonous herbaceous perennial plant. Datura Inoxia, a hallucinogenic plant. Pomegranate is a fruit plant native to Asia.

Did you know that there are more than 15 types of apples in India, how many have you tried? There is nothing more nutritious and healthy than an apple, which is why it is said that one apple a day can deter the doctor.

This sweet, juicy, and crunchy fruit adapts to its environment, which affects the taste, aroma, and acidity of apples. Do you also want to know something about apple varieties in India? Here are some of the popular Indian apple varieties that are worth trying!

Ambri Apple

Ambri apple, commonly known as the Kashmir apple, comes from the green valley of Kashmir. The classic sweet texture, taste, and aroma of these apples make them the most consumed variety in North India. The flesh of these apples has a pleasantly sweet and crunchy texture, and on the outside, this type of apple has green and red stripes. It is often seen as the pride of Kashmir.

Macintosh Apples

No, we’re not talking about a Mac! These are the original Macintosh apples from the mountainous regions of Uttarakhand, Utah, and Himachal Pradesh. The sweet, slightly salty taste and crunchy texture of these apples are widely used in cakes, jellies, jams, pies, and desserts. However, the peel of these apples contains a slight mixture of red and green and the flesh of these apples is white. In mountainous regions, this apple is mainly consumed raw.

Granny Smith

Granny Smith sounds weird and very similar to the name. Its attractive color, taste, aroma, and texture make it one of the most classic apple varieties. This type of crunchy, sour, and juicy apple is used in drinks, jams, puddings, cakes, and desserts, and contains nutritional antioxidants such as polyphenols. This type of apple is widely grown in Himachal Pradesh.

16.05 Crunchy Honey

This classic version of the sweet and sour apple is known for its sweetness and crunchy texture. These apples have a long shelf life and the freshness and crunch of these apples last for a long time if stored properly. These apples make delicious sauces and drinks and can be eaten raw or as a salad.

Chupatia Anupam

Chaubattia Anupam apple is a hybrid apple developed in India by crossing early Shanburry and Red Delicious cultivars. This hybrid variety is widely cultivated in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. These apples have vertical red stripes on the outside with a shiny peel. However, the flesh of these apples is white in color and has a sweet and tart taste.

Golden Delicious

Like the name of this variety, these apples have a beautiful greenish-yellow peel. These apples have a pleasant sweet aroma, smooth texture, and delicate aroma that can immediately emphasize the taste of any delicacy. It is used to make sauces, apple butter, and jams and is also added to salads for a pleasant taste. This variant also occurs in the mountainous regions of Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh.


This is another popular apple variety created by hybridizing the genes of the Ambrian and Golden Delicious apples and the results of this hybrid apple are well worth it. Sunehari apples have a beautiful yellow peel with raspberry stripes. The texture of these apples is crisp and juicy, with a sweet acetate flavor.

Fuji apples

Recently, these types of apples have become popular due to their delicious taste, crunchy texture, sweet flesh, and delicious taste. These apples are slightly larger in size compared to other apples. In addition, these apples have a pale red and green peel and are usually eaten raw.

Tydeman’s Early

Tydeman’s Early is a common type of apple found in the highlands of Himachal Pradesh and G&K. The classic red appearance of these apples with a yellow-green base makes Tydeman’s Early one of the classics especially enjoyed in desserts and fresh salads.

Red Delicious

This variety has a dark red color, aroma, and sweet and delicate taste. This common apple variety comes from the mountains of Himachal Pradesh. These apples are usually flavored raw or added to local salads, sauces, or jams. A distinctive feature of this option is an elongated conical shape, created with the help of farm tricks.

Gala apple

This variety of apples is consumed all over the country and is usually large in size. It is mainly used in the production of sweets, pastries, salads, and juices. This variety of apples is famous for its sweetness, which is why apple juice is made from it.

Irish Peach

The name may be confusing, but the taste of this apple variety will not disappoint. This variety of apples comes from Jammu and Kashmir region and is widely consumed or used in local cuisine due to its sweet taste, aroma, and peach flavor that brings freshness and fruitiness to your delicacies.

Parlin’s Beauty

This type of apple comes from Tamil Nadu, South India. Usually an apple in the late season, has a sweet, soft, and crunchy texture. Used to make traditional sauces and jams.

Winesape Apple

Apples have a unique aroma with spice and sweet taste. Apple cider vinegar is made from this variety of apples. The classic violet color of these apples distinguishes them from other types of apples. The extracts of this apple are fermented to produce apple juice which is widely used in daily life.

In spite of the fact that Indians consume red and yellow apples most often, they started buying sour apples in 2021 in big packages which was an unexpected trend for suppliers and importers. Red apple varieties have been favorites for them for a long time.

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