Organic Gala Apple for Trade

Gala is a kind of apple with a mild and sweet flavor. Organic gala apples are uniform in color and usually have two colors and because the fruit is delicious, colorful and blue, it has many buyers inside and outside and therefore gala apples are very suitable for trade and a good profit from it. Is achieved. Gala apples will be a lucrative business if they are healthy and reasonably priced.

Organic Gala Apple for Trade

Are Gala Apples Organic?

Are Gala Apples Organic? Gala apples can also be organic. In this case, no chemicals are used in its production, and from the time of planting the seedlings to the production of apples, auxiliary materials and natural fertilizers have been used. Naturally, organic Gala Apple has a stylish appearance, high quality and nutritional value, and all vitamins are present in it in full. Therefore, the organic gala will have a beautiful red color and its taste is sweet and fragrant and has a mild taste and thin skin and good texture, which can be added to salads or food and are especially suitable for making puree and making sauce.

Organic gala apples are much harder to produce than non-organic apples, so fewer growers tend to produce the fruit, and it is difficult to get it in the regular market. Organic Gala apple has many properties and is useful for treating and preventing diseases of the gastrointestinal, respiratory, cardiovascular, visual and nervous

How to Export Gala Apples?

How to Export Gala Apples? The first and most important point for exporting Gala apples is to observe all standards, licenses and follow the legal steps from the beginning to the end. From order registration to the settlement process to customs processes, shipment, shipment and receipt of gala apples in the country of origin and destination, must be done according to legal procedures.

Packaging is very influential in the export of Gala apples. Consideration of appropriate packages with standard size in plastic boxes or durable cartons should be done according to the standards of the importing country. Apples are usually stacked in one, two or three rows to put less strain on the shipment.

On the other hand, the gala apples that you choose for export must be the same in terms of dimensions and size. The outer surface of the organic apple should not have any stains, bumps or dents, and most importantly, no chemicals or contaminants should be used to grow the apples. The taste of gala apples is very important for buyers. If you pick the apples from the tree in the right season, you will have the best apples to export.

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