Green Granny Apples Exportation

Green granny apples exportation has grown significantly. Iranian exporters have been able to increase the export of this product more than before by targeted marketing to identify new markets.

On the other hand, the quality of green granny apples produced in Iran, the organic nature of the product and also its reasonable price have caused many foreign buyers, especially from neighboring countries to buy it from Iran. Sales are made in bulk and in large volumes and this has led to a multiplier increase in profits from the sale of this type of green apple.

Green Granny Apples Exportation

Are Granny Smith apples just green apples?

Are Granny Smith apples just green apples? Green apple is one of the fruits that is beneficial for health. Granny apple is one of the green apples on the market, which is very popular because of its crisp and juicy texture. In fact, granny is a type of green apple that its size is larger than other types of apples on the market, and for this reason, this name is specific to this type of apple.

Granny is an apple cultivar that grows semi-vertically and widely. The stems of this apple are short or semi-short and the fruit is late ripening. The fruit of this type of apple tree is usually semi-large and in most cases quite large.

It is harvested in mid-October and is mostly grown in areas with cold temperate climates. This type of apple has a sour taste and is very firm. For this reason, it has a long shelf life and is mostly used for export.

Granny apples have a relatively dark and shiny green color. The flesh is white and completely juicy and has a sour and acidic taste. Because this type of apple has a long shelf life and retains its appearance and properties for a long time, it is the best type of apple for storage.

Seller of Green Granny Apples

Seller of Green Granny Apples Seller of Green Granny Apples is offered directly to buyers and enthusiasts of this type of apple. Premium apple granny Nowadays, in addition to the face-to-face method, it is also offered online to esteemed buyers all over the country. In online sales, the customer can make his purchase without visiting in person and with the least amount of time.

Both the quality and the price of the offered product are guaranteed. Since sales are made without intermediaries, the prices announced in online sales are much more reasonable than the prices in city-level stores.

You can buy apple granny by visiting our site. Sales are on a 24-hour basis and you will not have a time limit to visit the site and place your orders.

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