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We all heard the famous quote on Tumblr: “An apple a day keeps a doctor away”. The green apple is crunchy fruit that provides people with many nutrients. The quotes used by people attract their attention due to the nutrients that apples provide such as Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and Potassium. Apple skin is also an excellent source of fiber.

In fact, the proverb originated in Wales, where it originally said: “Eat an apple before bed and you will deprive the doctor of living”. Communities around the world are familiar with the benefits of apple consumption by ancient Romans, Anglo-Saxons, and various South Asian groups who practiced Ayurveda.

Since apples are low in calories and high in water and fiber, they are a good alternative for those who want to follow a diet.

They make excellent appetizers and can also be part of fruit dishes and salads. It is always good to have a variety of fruits in your diet, as it positively affects digestion and metabolism. Here is a list of Apple quotes for you to enjoy!

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Famous quotes about the apple

Here is a list of apple quotes that are popular with fruit lovers. We hope you enjoy this list of popular apple quotes.

  1. “Every thought is a seed. If you’re planting crab apples, don’t count on a Golden Delicious crop.

– Bill Meyer.

  1. “It is surprising how closely the history of the apple tree is closely connected with the history of man”.

– Henry David Thoreau.

  1. “The fruit is important, not how ugly or beautiful the apple tree is.”

– Aiden Wilson Tozer.

  1. “Autumn of that year came unexpectedly. The morning of September 1 was as fresh as an apple, and as the little family ran down the noisy street to the large smoking station, the smoke from the gas and the breath of pedestrians were like cobwebs tangled in the cold air.

– J.K. Rowling.

  1. “The apple tree looks like a person”. To thrive, he needs communication that is in some ways similar to him, and in some ways completely different.

– Jeffrey Stepakoff.

  1. “The world would be different if Adam were allergic to apples.”

-Marin Darkonkov.

  1. “We are born to believe. A person carries beliefs like a tree carries apples.

– Ralph Waldo Emerson.

  1. “Millions of people saw the apple fall, but it was Newton who asked why?”

– Bernard Baruch.

  1. “Give up on the idea that everyone likes you! Even if you were the tastiest apple on earth, be realistic, some people prefer bananas!

– Riccardo Spinos.

  1. “Everyone can count the seeds in an apple, but only God can count the number of apples in a seed.”

– Robert H. Schuller.

  1. “Don’t close all fruit just because you ate a rotten apple.”

-Tiffany de Bartolo.

  1. “If I were God, it would be quite another story, to drop fruit at will. Let them eat the apples.

– Trevor Haley.

  1. “Everyone is twelve in an apple orchard.”

– Rachel Ray.

  1. “Snow White’s moral is never to eat an apple.”

– Lemon snack.

  1. “With the passage of time we are getting closer to the American dream of cutting and sharing the cake. Greed and selfishness usually get in the way and there is always a rotten apple in every barrel. “

-Rick Dano.

The best quotes about apples

This listing is perfect for those looking for a white apple. This curated list contains the best quotes about apples!

  1. “Comfort me with an apple, for I am weary of love.”

– Solomon.

  1. “Ten apples don’t make a garden.”

– Anthony T. Hinks.

  1. “A cracked apple is not bad. He still has a lot of potentials.”

– Seth Adam Smith.

  1. “Even if I knew the world would collapse tomorrow, I would still plant my apple tree.”

– Martin Luther.

  1. “When searching for apples, the idealist searches endlessly for the best apple, the pessimist settles for the first one that falls into his hand, and the optimist empties the barrel, grabs all the apples, and bakes a pie.”

– Vera Nazaryan.

  1. “Good apple pies are a big part of our happiness at home.”

– Jane Austen.

  1. “Red apples come from any job, whether it’s sports or just an everyday job.”

-Chris Weidman.

  1. “Has eternal happiness in the Garden of Eden become so boring that it justifies eating an apple?”

– Chuck Palahniuk.

  1. “O! the apples rejoice when the south wind blows.”

-William Wallace Harney.

  1. “If you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe.”

– Carlo Sagan.

  1. “It’s disturbing to meet people who don’t eat apples.”

– Aimee Bender.

  1. “Peel him the apples that nourish him clean.”

– Giorgio Herbert.

  1. “Pity the staff and spoil the child – this is true. But by the staff I keep an apple to give him when he gets well.”

– Martin Luther.

  1. “If the apples themselves don’t stay on the tree, if the worm eats them in the middle, if they ripen quickly and are about to fall, drop them! They must not bind or fasten the tree in any way, except in the designs of nature.”

– Frederick Douglass.

  1. And if you crush an apple with your teeth, say in your heart:

Your seed will live in my body

And the buds of tomorrow bloom in my heart

And your perfume is a breath

And together we rejoice in all seasons.

– Khalil Gibran.

Apple picking quotes

Here’s a list of apple-picking deals handpicked just for you! The best time to pick apples is the fall season when the apples are ripe and ready to pick. Apples start growing in summer and reach their peak in autumn. If there is an apple orchard in your town or you know one in the area, don’t miss the opportunity and go pick apples!

  1. “Gardens are a beautiful place and it’s a great experience for children to see where the apples come from. There’s no feeling like picking the first apple of the season.”

– Carlo Pratt.

  1. “Give me juicy, ripe, red autumn fruits from the garden.”

-Walt Whitman.

  1. “The goldenrod turns yellow, the wheat turns brown, the trees in the apple orchards bow.”

– Helen Hunt Jackson.

  1. “There are only a few scratched apples on the tree that were rejected by the pickers. They resemble Dr. reef. They have been picked up and are great.”

– Sherwood Anderson.

  1. “My grandparents had an apple orchard when I was growing up – lots of apples, cherries…actually lots of grapes.”

– Joe Harris.

  1. “Sometimes you have to eat an apple, a grape, or a strawberry. Something healthy, but maybe a little more adventurous if you see the fruit as adventurous.”

– LL Cool Jay.

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