Best Royal Red Apple for Sale

Royal red apple has a very good storage capacity due to the conditions and long shelf life of this product and is very suitable for export to other countries. The major market for the production and sale of red apples is one of the largest agricultural markets in Iran which in the field of export of goods has been able to obtain a significant share in Iran’s foreign exchange earnings from domestic and foreign sales. The high quality of Iran’s export product has caused global demand for bulk purchase of red apple.

Best Royal Red Apple for Sale

What is the Tastiest Kind of Apple?

What is the Tastiest Kind of Apple? There are different types of apples, but one of the most delicious apples can be mentioned. Yellow apple: This type of apple is yellow, golden or pale green with small brown spots. Yellow apples have fleshy white and crunchy flavors that are very sweet. Red apple: It has a creamy flesh with a fluffy, soft and juicy texture. Green apple: This type of apple, which is also grown in Iran, has a green color with a sour taste and smoothness. Rose apples: are among the apples grown in Iran. Rose apple fruit ripens in early summer. It has a warm and wet nature. It is juicy and very tasty. Sugar apple: It is an apple that ripens in early summer. It is very small in size and very juicy and sweet.

Royal Gala apples are grown in semi-cold mountainous areas. One of the advantages of this fruit variety is that the seedlings are late flowering compared to other apple seedlings. It does not flower due to sudden spring frosts. The fruits are almost large, meaning there are about 6 fruits per kilogram. The skin of this fruit is red.

Quality Royal Red Apple Dealer

Quality Royal Red Apple Dealer The main representative of buying and selling this royal red apple in the cities of Damavand, Semirom, Urmia, Oshnoyeh, Sepidan, etc., which has a regional reputation. Red apples are grown in the provinces of Tehran, Karaj, Isfahan, West Azerbaijan and Farsi and are stored in cold stores after harvest. After collecting the product, for sorting and packing workshops, sorting and packing this product is done, in which it is divided according to the size and quality of different colors, the highest amount of purchase is related to red apples. Quality, supply and production are the most important factors that affect the price of royal red apples. The royal apple price may reach its highest point at a time like Nowruz, considering that it is very high to buy red apple during Nowruz, the price of red apple will increase along with the more quality and uniform product. Be wet, sell at a higher price.

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